RADAN is the total CAD, CAM solution for the sheet metal industry. We understand that metal is precious in your business and with our software, your company can significantly reduce inventory and increase material utilisation, allowing you to realise true return on your investment.

RADAN offers the following applications:

RADAN Genesis Image

RADAN Genesis

Genesis profile provides the perfect CAM solution if you are planning to utilise your current CAD investment. It cost effectively provides your operators with the World Class RADAN CAM solution they require to reduce lead times.


RADAN Radpunch Image

RADAN Radpunch

Advanced punch press CNC programming
RADAN 3D Image


A high performance and versatile 3D modelling package designed to make sheet metal design and engineering assembly modelling simple.
RADAN e2i Image


E2i effectively models the manufacturing companies environment, taking into account all aspects of the business, such as estimating, sales, purchasing, manufacturing delivery and accounts.
RADAN eQuote Image

RADAN eQuote

An automated cost estimation and quotation system for sheet metal parts
RADAN Radbend Image

RADAN Radbend

Offline programming of a comprehensive range of press brakes
RADAN Radm-ax Image

RADAN Radm-ax

An industry leading 5 axis Laser CAD/CAM system
RADAN Radnest Image

RADAN Radnest

A highly efficient nesting package that enhances either Radpunch or Radprofile
RADAN Radprofile Image

RADAN Radprofile

Advanced CNC profiling
RADAN Radtube Image

RADAN Radtube

An industry leading Laser CAD/CAM system for rotary and multi axis cutting machines
RADAN Radview Image

RADAN Radview

Developed to provide you with a cost effective means to access drawings electronically across your computer networks
RADAN Latest Release

RADAN Latest Release

What's new with RADAN